1. How can i get socks5?

First of all you need add money ( Please click add fund choose amount and fowllowing step).
You can either purchase single SOCKS socks5 or get a package which provides you daily limit. Every package has a different amount of socks5 you can get per day.
After that you can get socks5 by clicking on socks list. You can also choose socks5 and click it socks5 will show.

2.My socks5does not work, can you help?

Troubleshooting steps:

  • Make sure you understand socks5 format.
  • Make sure you understand Protocol Socks5.
  • If you using VPN or HMA Please trun off all because may be socks5 is blocked by HMA or VPN.
  • if all three cases , Please restart the computer and boot the network and try again.
  • First of all, make sure you understand the mechanism of our socks5.
    When you fetch a socks5 by clicking on it, usually the socks5 data will appear in this format:

    It means:> is the socks5 IP/Host
    3333 -> is the socks5 Port.

    So no "IP" is present here, but the hostname - When you put it in your socks5 settings, it will automatically resolve to the correct IP address, so you dont have to worry about this.

    If your software does not work with hostnames read FAQ #3.
    If the socks5 still does not work, you can request instant refund shortly after fetching.

    To do this, please go to Contact.

    3. I want to get socks5 as IP:PORT

    You can go to Socks List and Choose socks5
    This will make socks5 fetch in IP:PORT format.

    4. Where can i find my socks5 history or socks5 i bought?

    Go to Socks List page and click on "Socks History" page. .

    5. How do I activate SOCKS socks5 package?

    After you've deposited some funds you can activate your socks5 package by going to here.

    6. How do I deposit funds to my account?

    To deposit funds in our socks socks5 shop you need to have e-currency such as BitCoin or PerfectMoney.
    Please go to deposit page, enter the amount you want to deposit and pay. You can find funds deposit page here

    7. I want private socks5 service , You have offer??

    No . My service only offer public socks5.

    8. I need custom SOCKS socks5 package. Can you help me out?

    Our socks socks5 service is very flexible, you can contact us with any business proposal.
    Please contact us by making a ticket. You can find details on our contact page here

    9. Where can i see my balance or socks socks5 left?

    Your balance is shown at the top of the site. You will see the socks5 that you've left after you activate a socks socks5 package.

    10. I want to make a funds deposit using different payment method, is it possible?

    Please contact us by making a ticket. You can find details on our contact page here

    11. What kind of socks5 do you provide? Are these anonymonous?

    All of socks5 provided by our SOCKS socks5 service are ELITE SOCKS5 socks5 with highest degree of anonymity.
    These socks5 are much better than regular HTTP/HTTPS socks5 mostly because they accept any kind of traffic.
    You can proxify your browser, instant messanger or any other applications using our public SOCKS socks5.

    12. How do I use your SOCKS socks5 with Mozilla Firefox?

    Please check following video:

    13. What timezone of service?

    My service using timezone UTC +3 , You can check timezone now here